Legal threats

The greatest threat facing most men today is not terrorism or the risk of random violence. It is the threat of political correctness and the sexual harassment industry.
One solution is hard core MGTOW and simply having nothing to do with women. Unfortunately this can backfire because socially isolated men become quite creepy and therefore make good targets for gossip.
Sexual harassment is the act of low status men approaching high status women. We know this is true because we know that Brad Pitt could kiss a woman he does not know with impunity while a tramp only has to look at a woman for her to fear him. Any low status man can become the target of harassment accusations simply because of who he is. Avoiding women will not protect him because this will not change his low status.
My own solution is to carry a voice recorder at all times. Modern units can record 500 hours of continuous conversation and can therefore provide a record of any allegedly harassing incident. They fit in a shirt pocket quite easily and it is possible to store the files on a computer for future reference.
The alternative is Game. Flirt with women openly, touch them, neg them, then walk away. This is high status and so you can get away with anything.


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