Ghost Breakfast - London. Saturday Sept 3rd

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Join me for the London Ghost Breakfast at 9am at the Crosse Keys pub in the City. A range of traditional English breakfasts willl be available quite cheaply (at least by City standards.). I will be there to download some apps to my beloved iPad and to talk to any readers who may wish to drop in.
This is my mug shot for those who have not met me. The address is 9 Gracechurch St, London EC3V 0DR.
An exterior view may be found here.

a Splash of Thanks!

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Daisy Bella, I was as pleased as a peach after receiving your scrumptious goodies in the mail (and Audrey-to boot!) Thank you for the warm gifts and equally kind card, my dear. You know how to make me smile.
Daryl Hannah single handedly turned the t-shirt dress into an idea that truly worked. In Splash, also featuring Tom Hanks, Daryl manages to bring the mythical mermaid to life; a very stylish one at that! This 1984 classic still remains a favorite. Where is Bloomingdales?
I want to say a GINORMOUS (meaning: really, really big!) thanks to all of my readers. I certainly do enjoy receiving your commentaries and wonderful feedback, as well as viewing each and every one of your blogs. It's almost like being welcomed with open arms to a very large (and very fashion forward!) family. Thank you.

Barton & Lohan Inspired

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boybeater: Fruit of the Loom
dress: f21
flats: Hollywould


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I can't keep my feet out of these nude Alexander Wang wedges. See how I wear them next... soon!

And finally... the Winner of these Alexander Wang Safari braided sandals is.. Andi, Congrats! :)

Food or Clothes? Which do you think feeds me more?

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top: Vintage linen, Brasilian brand
bag: Vintage, Chanel
denim: bootcut, Seven for all Mankind
flats: Hollywould

The English Survivalist

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The biggest problem Survivalism faces in England is that it is.. well.... not polite.
It is really rather rude to threaten the neighbours with a sawn off shotgun simply because food is running low. We would far rather invite them in for a nice cup of tea and a chat- even if the world is ending next Tuesday.
Fortunately England has now come up with its own, very civilised brand of Survivalism based around the the splendidly eccentric Idler Academy. This organisation is dedicated to the art of idleness, libertarianism and anarchism with a traditional aristocratic edge. Who is better to teach us the lost art of chilling out, ignoring central government and refusing to spend a penny more than we need to than an aristocrat? These guys have been doing this for hundreds of years.
The people who run the Idler Academy are not actually aristocrats but they share many of the same interests. They read Latin and study ancient philosophy to while away their idle lives. While not doing these things they publish a magazine (one a year- it is best not to work too hard) and run courses on profiting from gold, living off the land and generally screwing the system. Survivalism in other words.
All of these events take place in a very nice part of London and the wine is always served at the correct temperature. These things are important.

No Logo

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Here is a documentary by Naomi Klein- one of the more intelligent Liberal commentators. The film makes some very good points about brands and their power over us (I have been saying similar things on this blog). Unfortunately the film offers no solutions. This is because Naomi can only blame the usual suspects (men, capitalism, the USA) because she cannot blame the people she hopes will buy her book (feminists, socialists and so on). This leads her to treat consumers (mostly women) as simple sheep who buy whatever is put in front of them.
We all want to agree with Naomi and blame the business man. There is something sickening about millionaire CEO's using youth rebellion to sell clothing and then paying sweatshop workers five dollars a day to make it. The problem is that this leads nowhere. Would it help to abolish brands? No. It would simply make life dull and grey. Would it even help if we were to stop buying this stuff? No. This would simply throw the sweatshop workers out of work. For all her carefully targeted criticism Naomi has no solution.
The great irony and hypocrisy is that Naomi is the very thing she hates. She admits that she decided to write the book when she became aware of an anti corporate political movement. In other words she identified a market and then wrote a book to appeal to a particular demographic. She has branded her variety of outrage and sells it to liberals who lap it up. Unfortunately the product is as empty and hollow as the brands she criticises.
In short- this film describes the current situation brilliantly but offers no solution. It remains worth a view.