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Dumplings are great! Dumplings are cheap! Dumplings are high calorie and filling! (Mine do not look like this)
I bought a bag (1 kg) of self raising flour today because it was very cheap (28p) and because this is something 'proper' survivalists do. The great thing about flour is that it is a dry food so a single kilo of flour can make more than a kilo of bread or dumplings.
Actualy I have been experimenting with dumplings on and off all day. There are a surprising number of different kinds. The easiest to make is something the Jamaicans call 'Jack'. This simply involves splashing some milk and self raising flour together to make a non sticky dough. Then squish it together and fry it slowly with some oil. The instructions are a bit confused but the final result tastes OK. English dumplings require self raising flour but also require suet which is bad for you. Most Jamaican boiled dumplings rely upon non raising flour which I do not have.
Dumplings are now a standard austerity food of mine- quite apart from the survival value.

I become a Labrador puppy

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I have never been successful with women but it would be more honest to say that I had given up.
I decided to deal with this problem by studying the pickup gurus. This placed an extra layer of theory on top of my excuses. Most of these guys were much younger than me and recommended approaching women in nightclubs and grabbing their attention with a variety of flashy tricks.
It was absolutely fascinating and I sat in the corner of the room and saw everything in a whole new light.
Nevertheless.. nothing changed for me. Until last week.
I had recently lost my job and had time to study- an boy, is there a lot of study in pick up! Pick up is a science invented by nerd. These nerds studied the secrets of the so called 'naturals' who did all the right things by instinct. You cannot ask a natural what his secret is- he will probably have no idea. He cannot understand the problem. Girls love sex, right?
There are a number of systems that will mimic the attraction switches native to naturals. Unfortunately they tended to put me into my head and make me more nerdy than before.
The Natural does not 'try'. The Natural simply 'is'. This is why he is so bewitching to the female species.
How do you get from one state to the other? Faith. This is not faith in God but faith in the system. I felt something very strange happen to me as I listened to the 'blueprint decoded'. It felt that somehow the organs in my chest were being rearranged. It became blindingly obvious that I had created the entire problem myself.
This was not an intellectual understanding- I had understood this for some time.
This was not positive thinking or hype.
This was entering a parallel universe.
I was so excited that I joined a singles meetup (meetup.com) and headed out in the calm certainty that everything would be different.
And it was... I met the women that only Naturals meet. Intelligent, thoughtful, sexy and strangely transfixed by all that I said.
Even stranger.. this was not surprising to me. It was as if this had been happening all of my life and I would have been surprised at any woman who was not interested in me.
I enjoyed the attention but felt no desire to set up multiple dates. This was not fear but an abundance mentality. I felt that this attention would always be there for me so I was in no hurry. I felt like a Labrador puppy running from girl to girl- and loved by them all. Labradors are lovable because they have no fear. They think you will love them and so you cannot help but do so. Naturals are quite similar and I seemed to have become one without any real work on my part.
Actually, becoming a natural was one of my main life goals.
I even had a strange 'psychic' experience that I have not yet worked out. I could feel the most delicious sexual energy coming from each women- but most strongly from an Indian hippy chick who was a member of a law of attraction group- she was drawing men to her by simple desire.
Well.. since then my life has been fantastic. I talk to women on trains and buses but mainly on meetup groups. They are all friendly and if I find them attractive I make love to them. Sometimes they say no but it is taken as a compliment and not sexual harassment.
I am going out again tonight (meetup again). I will talk to many women and I may go home with one. In fact I am not bothered much either way. I will simply enjoy the moment like a Natural.
I would like you to look the photograph that was taken on yet another meetup. I am engaged in a three way conversation between a German girl, a sweet Japanese girl and an Italian. I am a middle aged man who is overweight and cheaply dressed and my facial expressions seem to be deeply weird- and yet I seem to have become a natural. Like every other natural I have no idea what is going on. It is simply that every woman I meet now seems to be friendly.
I suppose I should be afraid of slipping back to my old ways and yet my heart says the change is permanent. I will try not to ruin it with thought.
I have not written this to boast but to give you hope. Most of my readers are younger and fitter than me. Look at the photograph and realise that you can do anything this fat fool can do.


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Tyler from RSD
A fundamental concept in game is that a man must have an attractive identity. All of the great seduction gurus have achieved their success with women largely due to their identity rather than their lines or methods. Mystery is an illusionist and TV star. Style is a writer who hangs out with rock stars. Tyler travels with an entourage of interns and admirers which treat him like a rock star and so on. I guarantee you that any of us would do nearly as well given the same identity.
This does not mean that gurus are out and out frauds. Their advice is often good- but it will not work in your home town where everyone knows you as the local nerd. To be fair, all of the gurus admit that a strong identity is needed.
We need to find a new identity for ourselves. This does NOT involve lies. It is more a matter of finding ones true self and then being that person.
In order to do this we must first be absolutely honest about our old 'bad' identity. This is the reason we are not getting the respect we deserve- and we can only understand the problem is with brutal honesty.
So here it comes (with brutal honesty), my old identity.
1) Middle aged man who has not achieved very much. Partially employed (by choice) because he wishes to study game and hang out with fellow losers and conspiracy freaks.
2) Uneducated despite high IQ
3) Overweight and unsuccessful with women. Bitter former nice guy and emotional vampire.
4) A failure in life who insists upon advising others how to live their own lives. Combines poor self image with an arrogant disdain for liberals and feminists.
Is it surprising that I was not attracting hot babes to my bed? Who would want to get involved with such a man? Nobody apart from the occasional woman with low self esteem and mental health issues!
So here is my new identity.

1) A young 46 year old who still has a sense of fun. A rebel and eternal student who refuses to sell his soul to the company store. Non conformist with his finger on the hidden London that few people see.
2) Highly educated despite having few paper qualifications. Widely travelled and widely read. I know how to buy airline tickets for �5 and book hostels for �4 a night. This means I can spend much of the year on holiday and can also offer this life to any woman who wishes to join me.
3) A home owner who spends approximately 26 weeks a year travelling or studying things that interest him. This is something few millionaires can afford to do.
4) A leader of men and a bad boy. My 'ghost nation' essay has been re posted all over the place and has even been made into a pod-cast. I have studied game, Austrian economics and other esoteric subjects that most people cannot imagine. I am a free man.


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Joy is an idea that is rarely understood these days. It is not the pleasure of consumption or any transient pleasure. It is a deep wellspring within the soul that comes from living the life one was born to live.
Nobody can tell you where your joy may be found because nobody can tell you your purpose- but we can all recognise joy in others. It is an aliveness that makes others feel alive too.
Joy is attractive. It causes people to want what we have. People listen to joy.

English survivalism

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English survivalism differs from the US variety in two respects. Firstly, there is no 'bugging out' to some pristine wilderness because we are a small and crowded island. There is very little wilderness to be had.
Secondly, we do not carry guns. The US survivalists are quite right to fear the breakdown of order in a society where gun ownership is common. If my neighbours had guns I would make sure I had them too.
Many US survivalists have a years worth of food along with a generator and a water purifier. It would be worth killing a man for such treasure if the alternative were starvation. Unfortunately I have neither the money nor the room to store anything worth killing me for. The only way I can survive is to form alliances with others. I will share with you freely.
My priority is water. I have discovered a sparkling drink in Aldi that is made from real strawberry. In comes in a useful reusable bottle and costs 69p. I will eventually store 100 litres of water in this way.

Social circle game

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The best pick up artist in the world cannot work if they are not meeting women.
Pick up literature talks of three kinds of game.
This is approaching women in nightclubs. It is generally quite scripted (you have to get their attention very quickly). The problem is that many people (including older guys) are not comfortable in this environment. The women you do meet there may not be girlfriend material.
This is approaching women at random on the street. Women are trained to be suspicious and fearful of men in most western countries and this tends to set this conditioning off. Both night and day game have the advantage that they provide unlimited prospects.
This is rarely discussed and I am not sure why. Most people meet their wives and husbands this way and yet the pickup community seems to ignore it. Maybe it is a machismo thing. Day game and night game are rather frightening. Social circle game is tame in comparison.
I am a believer in social circle game but this may be because I am not a true PUA. I am seeking two things from my knowledge.
1) I want friendly and sane relationships with all women regardless of any sexual interest.
2) I want a relationship with a woman who can be my equal (in other words I do not have to buy her time with gifts).
I am not interested in pulling hot babes for instant sex. I tried it once to see if I could. It was a bit like surfing the Internet.

Our girls are hotter than their girls

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This is not a trivial point. White knights think that sucking up to feminism will get them laid. Well maybe it will if you like THIS...

Slow down and take it easy

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There is a movement towards slowness sweeping Europe- well hardly sweeping- this would be far too stressful, but spreading nonetheless. Most of the links are from the UK but there are probably equivalents in your own countries.
First came the Slow Food Movement this originated in Italy as a reaction to McDonald's. Italians are nationalistic about their food and the farming lobby has a great deal of clout so this was not greatly surprising. The movement became something more than a protest and became more a celibration of community and of the family. One reason families have become so fragile is that they rarely eat together and it is often not home cooked food if they do. If efect the Slow Food Movement became an anti feminist movement because families where both parents work cannot have time for the civilizing influence of good food that the movement advocates.
Next came the concept of Slow Towns. The motivation behind some of these projects may be slightly suspect. Expensive local traders often lobby to keep the national chains out of their area because they cannot compete. You will notice that the only customer in the Ludlow greengrocer is clearly a tourist. I feel a little sorry for the local consumer who has to pay tourist prices. The chief motivation behind making Ludlow and other similar towns into slow towns seems to be tourism rather than the quality of life for local people. Ludlow also takes great pride in its local food and hold a food festival each year and supports taste real food. Ludlow also has a longstanding survivalist group which takes this self sufficient ethos one step further.
We have the sublime Idler magazine with its mix of upper class anarchism, practical idling tips, humor and parenting advice in the form of the Idle parent that became a minor cult of its own. The slow movement even has its own mass movement in the form of the International Institute for Not Doing Much. I say 'movement' but the truth is they do not actually do anything at all. You may also like Early Retirement Extreme,
Feminism keeps us all running round in circles to buy things we do not need. If we ever stopped we might wake up and realize we were men and women rather than cogs in a machine. The whole movement is pro human and anti feminist without even realizing it. I support idleness! Just don't expect me to do anything about it!
All photographs are from Ludlow- the first UK slow town.

The land of the living

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I feel that I will be offered a job this week (how is that for emotion based reasoning?) and would like to rejoin human society.
This blog is set up to help me do exactly that.
Please read my 1000 things to do before I die. This lists a great many places I would like to visit (cheaply).
Maybe you would like to see them with me?
Are you a closet survivalist? Do you suspect that you would not last long on your own? Join me!
Do you understand the Alpha Strategy? Do you have any concrete plans?
Are you looking for a wingman?

The man who owns the sun

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The most reliable indicator of a persons spiritual level is their ability to own things.
A person of a low level is capable of only of owning things exclusively. In other words the pleasure is not so much in the ownership but in depriving others of ownership.
These people generally work hard and spend their money on things that other people will admire- such as cars and houses. They do not even get pleasure from these things themselves. As soon as they find someone who does not envy their belongings they become dissatisfied.
The world at large passes them by. They do not notice the beauty of public architecture or the flowers in the park. They are bent upon accumulating things. You may show such a person a great work of art and yet they are unable to truly 'see' the painting. These people experience the world though the proxy of other peoples opinions. The painting is good if it is fashionable- or if it is worth a great deal of money.
The terrible irony is that these great materialists do not even own themselves.
A person of high spiritual level on the other hand will always be wealthy. The whole world belongs to them but they are happier sharing these things than enjoying them alone.
Anyone who wishes to join the Ghost Nation must first attain this level. This is because going ghost involves giving up exclusive ownership of 'stuff'. The ghost owns little but his rucksack and his freedom and yet he owns the entire world.

Free anti virus protection

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This software seems just as good as programmes I have paid for in the past. It is also regularly updated, unlike some free services.

Consumer confidence and what it means

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Running up a debt.Consumer confidence is nothing more than the wiliness to get into debt.
Consumer confidence considered to be a good thing by economists because our economy has become addicted to debt. If we all tried to repay debt at once we could not. It would be an economy of sellers in which no one was buying!
Do you remember when the credit crunch first hit? Do you remember the fantastic sales?
This was a product of the low consumer confidence of the time- nobody was buying.
In fact a brave consumer could have done very well by spending his cash when consumer confidence was low and saving it when it is high. Right now consumer confidence is rising strongly in the UK. This means that bargains will be harder to find. The wise consumer will hoard his cash for the next dip.