The Safe Haven

The Safe Haven (usually a location) is where you go to recharge your batteries. It offers refuge from whatever bothers you and is food for the soul.
Generally the Safe Haven is a location where one feels at ease and understood. The larger ones Safe Haven is the more successful and happy one will be. This may be done by acquiring more fiends, taking up new interests or simply playing ones favorite music on an ipod.
Safe Haven may also be strengthened by excluding evil. This means not allowing people into your space unless invited. Western cultures generally deny men the right to retreat from women and see male only space as an affront. In fact it is quite possible to love women and still wish to escape from them from time to time. The same applies to women except that plenty of female only societies already exist. A woman does not need to explain why she is going on a 'girls night out' because these are more socially acceptable than the male alternative.
One early indicator of an unhealthy, controlling relationship is that one party cannot have an independent life outside of it. From this we can infer that feminism is a form of collective spousal abuse because feminists are absolutely TERRIFIED of friendships they do not control.


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