Branding demographics

When creating a brand for yourself it is important to know what you are saying and why. You may simply 'buy in' a great many associations simply by connecting with other brands.
These are some of the most useful.
Project RED. Project RED is an AIDS charity that is fronted by Bono of U2. HIV is a cause that is popular among young trendy men. It has artistic and liberal associations and generally appeals to graduates. Project RED quite wisely decided to market itself as a designer brand in exactly the same way as any other designer label. Celebrities, manufacturers and consumers all flock to the brand for their own reasons. Rock stars are happy to lend their name to the brand free of charge for the ironic reason that they wish to be associated with high risk activities such as drug taking and multiple seual partners.. Companies such as Apple and Starbucks want to be associated with glamor as well as charity and will pay for the privilidge. This means that the consuer can make a charitable donation free of charge simply buy buying a branded product.
The RED brand makes one appear younger than one is which is useful for employment and gaming younger women.
The most cost effective ways of associating with the brand are to buy a RED product that is used every day. These never cost more than the non red alternative (I think RED insists on this). Interesting possibilities include the RED Starbucks card and RED headphones for your iPod.
The Fairtrade Foundation. This brand is supported by middle class white women. The deal is that the customer pays more for the product and some of this premium goes to the farmer. This will not improve you job prospects very much and has the disadvantage that fairtrade products are consumed and therefore must be replaced. It may marginally improve your chances of getting lucky with a middle class 'nice girl' if you get her back to your place but on the whole fairtrade is not cost effective either for yourself or the farmer. If you want to help the third world- give to a charity and tell no one about it.
There are many claims made for organic food. Most are absurd but organic eggs and milk have some health benefits. Most middle class people think that anything organic is a good thing and so it is useful to be aware to the issue. The same is true of biodegradable detergent. In reality all detergent is biodegradable. The only difference is the speed at which this occurs.
The use of unbleached cotton may actually do some good in the world but it is a weak brand among all but the most ardent tree hugger. Cotton is naturally off white in colour. It can only be made brilliant white thought he use of powerful bleaches that are hugely destructive to health and environment.
Other positive brands include Buddhism which has become a SWPL religion. There are also useful social stereotypes such as the English Gentleman. It is also helpful to be an Irish man, an English man, or a Brazilian woman. You do not need to be English to be an English Gentleman and you will meet people claiming to be English, Irish, Italian or Brazilian anywhere in the world.
1) Decide which (if any) of these brands you wish to be associated with.
2) Set yourself a budget. I would advise no more than £100 a year for this sort of thing.
3) Ensure your personal brand reflects your true self. It should give pleasure.
4) Search for useful products using the search box below. Widgets


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