Game trumps feminism

Many critics of Game mistake the journey for the destination. Game is a box of tools that may be unpacked and used almost anywhere for almost any purpose. If you want to bang a nightclub chick then tools exist to do this- but Game is not the act of banging chicks. Game is the power of choice.
It is even possible to use Game for non sexual purposes. Being an old man I no longer need sex. It is nice to know it is available to me but I am in no hurry to get there. This is because I am enjoying the new experience of being respected by women. I enjoy flirtatious contact and I enjoy knowing that I have five women's numbers in my telephone and all of these will be pleased to hear from me should I call them. These women are interesting and fun and they go dutch. Quite honestly I would rather have this than a girlfriend I was responsible for.
There are even men who use Game to ensure failure with women. One example is Omega Virgin Revolt. This blogger has at least some Alpha characteristics he could work with. He has an online following which means that he is at least an Alpha among Omegas. Nevertheless he has built a self image based upon his failures with women and blames this at least partly upon the false promises of Game. What he does not realise that he is in fact running Game in reverse. While most gamers use Game to assume an Alpha persona, White and Nerdy (the owner of the blog) uses his blog to promote an Omega persona. This works exactly as you might expect and results in constant humiliation from women that he can then blog about. The irony is that White and Nerdy believes game does not exist- while running a deadly reverse game upon his own life.
Above all Game (for me) means NO FEMINISM. I simply tell each woman I meet that I am anti feminist and she then has a choice. She can go into a miserable feminist sulk (and be laughed at by other women) or she can simply put her feminism aside while she is with me. Generally she will do the latter because it is FUN to be gamed and girls just want to have fun.
You might think it rather gross to have a 50 year old man game an 18 year old woman but it is hilarious. I may take liberties with her (public groping and so on) that I could never take if I were younger. This is because I am probably older than her father (or even her grandfather) and this makes me somehow safe for her. She thinks that sex is unthinkable with me but Game works its magic regardless.


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