I start my new job- and a very nice job it is too

Last Saturday I came to the end of my inhuman shift- an entire month of twelve hour shifts- and took a day off. Not only this- It was my first day of deliberately seeking wealthy women. I woke early with the sun streaming through my open window. I knew already it was going to be a wonderful day.
How to dress? I considered briefly dressing up for the day- and then decided to dress down instead. Dress rich and you get a gold digger. Dress poor and get...? Well. Today I would find out.
Colour coordination is very important to women. I would dress as cheaply as possible but I would be colour coordinated. This meant brown Doc Martins (scuffed), black Primark jeans (£6), brown belt- too large for my present size. This dangled down in front of my jeans suggestively. Women pull off a similar trick by 'distressing' their jeans around the groin and buttocks. As a general rule everything women do to attract men works well in reverse. I then finished with a £30 leather jacket. This outfit was designed for one purpose- to filter out every women who did not have money for the two of us.
The secret to meeting the right woman is to go to the right place. I was headed to a meetup group that was popular with single and divorced upmarket women (investment bankers, scientists and the more expensive kinds of lawyers). It is quite surprising how many lonely women exist in these groups. The basic problem is that they are more alpha than any of the men they meet. Many men make the mistake of thinking they have to impress them (this is tedious try hard behaviour) when all that is needed is to let the women be women. Many successful women are willing- even eager- to become temporarily submissive when they feel it is safe to do so.
Once you understand this you will also realise that the most Alpha thing any man can say is that he has a crap job- and then just stand there without apology. This reassures the Alpha female on many levels. First of all she knows you are a MAN. In other words you do not measure your worth in others opinions. Second- you are not interested in competing with her. Many men will get into tedious point scoring debates with such women to prove that he can be right about something. This is something men enjoy but it can come across as insecure bullying to women. Women often say that they feel they have to nurse the insecurities of men. This comes close to fembot shaming language but I am sure that many women genuinely feel this- justified or not. When she feels safe she is set free. She relaxes and becomes kittenish, funny, playful and very easy to love.
I am sure you are interested in the mechanics of this game so I will tell you how it played out on Saturday.
The meetup took the form of a guided walk between three palaces and across three parks. We met in front of Charing Cross Station. The best time to establish oneself as the Alpha in any group is while the group is forming and the best way to do this is to make sure that everyone is having a good time. I talked to each new arrival and introduced them to one another. In particular I introduced the four most attractive women to one another. This stabilised the group and made it more difficult for any other Alpha to take them away from me. I also introduced a lanky beta kind of guy to all of the women to even things up a little. (I am an old man and I can only manage two women in a single sitting). It is common within the community to bully Beta guys in order to eliminate them as a threat. I am too much of an MRA to do this and looking after Betas is actually very Alpha behaviour. In a wolf pack the Alpha eats first- but everyone gets to eat.
The organizer then announced that there would be a quiz and suddenly something very strange happened. A woman in a pinstriped jacket (Pinstripe Girl) pushed her way through the crowd and said 'I want to be in this group because you are very clever'. I took her to be a banker of some kind and and very much my type- so of course she was in. She then insisted that I be team captain and everyone agreed.
I now had five attractive women in my group as well as being undisputed alpha within it. I turned to the rather Beta tall guy and said to him 'This is very good. Five beautiful women. I will have three and you can have the other two.' Everyone laughed including the tall Beta.
This had a number of effects. It was a compliment, of course, but it established my own frame- which is that I would take first pickings and in return for this I would help the other guy get his. This automatically meant that any woman I wanted must be the most attractive in the group.
This may seem cruel to the Beta guy but I am pretty sure he would have remained on the outside of the group hovering around and feeling awkward if I had not invited him in. The basic deal (take anyone I do not want) was a good one- and far more than he normally gets.
Everything is in the frame. In the first few minutes I had established three things.
1) We were going to have a relaxing, fun day. Everyone was going to be included.
2) I was the leader of this group.
3) I would claim the most attractive woman (or women) for myself. If I did not ask for the date- she was not attractive! (You see the double bind here?)
Once the frame has been set, success was almost inevitable.
I spent some time talking to Pinstripe Girl- which was very educational. She was intelligent, well spoken and very friendly but I found it initially hard to desire her even though she was physically attractive. I realise this was because she was something of a female 'nice guy'. In other words she was a little too keen to agree with my own opinions (of which I have many). I now understand how the 'nice guy' syndrome works and why women call these decent men boring.
The fact is that Pinstripe Girl was NOT boring (and neither are most Nice Guys). She began to give me serious I.O.I which I teasingly evaded and then broke off to talk to other women.
Next came GoldTooth Catgirl. G.T.C was a fascinating oddball- and I mean this kindly because I am an oddball myself. She was wearing a fake leopard coat with extravagant eyeliner and a gold tooth. She looked a little like a comic book character. We talked a little about the constitution but I was applying ruthless income criteria so I zeroed in on History Girl, a very attractive black woman. She made a joke about New Age people and so I told her about the New Age hippy habits of Adolph Hitler. This ended with me stroking her earlobe and asking her to visualise her clitoris (Hitler believed that both things were significant). History Girl LOVED this but I saw her later on looking a little worried. Women tend to interpret things too much- she probably thinks was a NAZI checking her out for Jewish blood.
It was a little bit crass of me to be honest.
What was the outcome? I had to disappear early because I was so poor I could not even buy a pint of beer down the pub but I later received texts from Pinstripe Girl and another woman I barely talked to. Both want to meet up later. Unfortunately I cannot do so until I am paid on the 17th so I will politely put them off until then.
All in all it was a good day. I was so relaxed from the sun, the fresh air and the walking that I fell asleep on the train home.
The main surprise was how easy it all was.


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