The cloud office


This is the Institute of Directors- a sort of right wing think tank and snobby Pall Mall club. I attended an interview here with a one man outfit who was running his business from the club coffee lounge. It is quite possible to do this and it seems a good deal until one remembers that Starbucks is also free.

Behold the sharktank.
Why do we need static offices at all? One man can blog to ten thousand or a million from a cafe or a moving train. Why not dispose of fixed locations completely except for the rare occasions one needs to impress the suits? For these occasions we have the IoD where one may hobnob with millionaire bankers and Russian Mafia crooks as they wipe blood from their hands with table napkins.
This is a strange world where bankrupts drive Ferraris and millionaires wear frayed jeans. Arab princes and African despots drink Earl Grey tea and discuss cricket. Shoes are always black and shiny and patrons are politely requested to keep their firearms at home..


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