The only Game to play is your own

Game has many schools and the one thing they all teach is to switch off the computer, stop studying Game and go out more.
This is not to say that wisdom cannot be found in guru-land. Everything the gurus say is true- for the gurus and people who resemble them.
The student must ask two questions of himself. Firstly, does the guru have values he can believe in? I would not use Speed Seduction even if I knew it worked because 'hypnotising' women into bed seems wrong. Fortunately I do not think Speed Seduction works like this but I feel it leads to places I do not want to go. I have decided not to study the Mystery method for similar reasons. I hate the whole AMOG ethic (making yourself look good by making other men look stupid). I also hate night clubs and think I would hate the vapid night club hotties that Mystery seems to crave.
The second question, once you have decided that you are comfortable with a guru is to ask yourself if you can absorb his good attributes. I identify with Tyler from RSD because he shares my weaknesses as well as my strengths. In other words every time I see Tyler on stage I see a nerd who has reformed himself through strength of will. Tyler would probably admit that he has spent too much time on the theory of game and he even admits that he was not that successful with women in his Project Hollywood days. One of the ironies of RSD is that it has generated millions of words of mental masturbation but advocates the exact opposite- getting out of you head completely.
I have decided to take Tyler's advice and to say goodbye to Tyler. From now on I will live in the stream of life and am deleting my pickup materials once I end this post.
I have also analysed my successes and failures and come to the following conclusions. They tend to give the lie to much of what game teaches.
I have now gone over four years in my normal life without a meaningful relationship with women.
Normally I would blame myself for this except that I know maybe twenty former Soviet Bloc women who I have genuine fun with at work. Unfortunately every one of these beauties who work with me as receptionists is married or in a stable relationship. One of the problems with feminist culture in the West is that it is not possible for western women to flirt and have fun without intending to sleep with a man. This is not true of other countries where men and women go out of their way to please one another as if they were lovers but stop short of sex. The most flirtatious of all these women are the Christian ones who have the strongest barriers to sex.
One of the many ironies of life is that the most desirable women will always be the least available. This is not for the reasons that the Game gurus would have us believe. These truly desirable women (not just hot) are generally happy in life. They have good friends, strong relationships and strong families. It is not that the average man is not good enough for these women. It is that they rarely get divorced and rarely cheat and they would be equally happy with an average western man. It is simply that the other guy got there first.
Once we understand this we also understand that THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH US and we should stop changing ourselves and change the people we associate with instead.
East is East and West is West.
There are in fact two completely different kinds of high value women and Game only concerns itself with one.
First we have the hot woman in the night club. She is superficial, has a short attention span and loves drama. She is open to one night stands with bad boys and pick up artists who pretend to be bad boys. Generally she makes a bad girlfriend because she is flaky and testy and often drinks too much. Generally the relationships with such women last only three days.
The entirety of game is aimed at seducing this one personality type who tend to operate on a stimulus-response basis. In other words these women lack self awareness and do not think all that much. This means that they fall for PUA tricks that repel other women.
This kind of woman is associated with the Matriarchy and single motherhood because they cannot maintain a stable relationship. They generally dislike men (despite sleeping around) and are arrogant and unfriendly in daily life. This is because they only associate with men who see them as sex objects. If they do not want to sleep with you they do not see why they should be pleasant to you. This personality type is opten (but not exclisvely) found in the declining societies of the West.
The second group is completely different. They are ambitious and work hard and they are generally married or intend to marry in the future. They are almost impossible to sleep with without a gold ring on the finger but are infinitely more pleasant to associate with. They love men but hold them to high standards and are quite capable of being friends with unattractive men.
These women are also fascinating to talk to as they have an interior life. Each has formed their own view of things and has a thoughtful maturity that night club babe lacks. They make excellent wives, employees and mothers and rarely commit crimes.
This second type of woman is Patriarchal in nature. She believes in the family, hard work, right and wrong and in strong men. Game has nothing to say about her. She simply does not appear on the radar. This personality type is more often found in the more vigorous capitalistic economies of Eastern Europe and Asia.
The longest I have ever gone without some form of sexual encounter while living in a hostel is three days.
This again indicates that environment is more important than game. Women in hostels are open to adventure and adversity throws men and women together (low budget travel is full of drama).
A strange and unexplained phenomenon.
Something strange happens while gazing into the eyes of various female company directors, lawyers ext (all well presented and youthful 40 somethings). In each case I was overcome by a deep sense of having truly seen the woman in ways no other person could. This caused her to tremble, blink or become moist eyed with emotion. A sense of sweetness and of drawing strength filled me and it was wonderful. This only seems possible with high IQ alpha woman and is better than orgasm.
I shall pursue my company directors and find out what secrets they have for me. These women are lonely. They cannot be sexual at work and still be taken seriously and yet they cannot find love elsewhere either. This is because there Alpha natures brings out the worst in men. Some men engage in nitpicking technical debates to see who is the greater nerd. This is something men enjoy but most women see it as very insecure. This is why women often say that men are threatened by successful women. It is also the ultimate attraction killer as it indicates that the man does not think he good enough.
I have a paradoxical advantage over more educated men. I do not talk shop. I can simply say that I have no interest in kissing any man's backside for a promotion. This is no more than the truth and is very Alpha.


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