Twitter from space

This is a map of what the world is thinking. The most brightly lit areas are the most prosperous and democratic. The blueish areas are chiefly text while the yellow areas are chiefly pictures. These are the areas most open to new ideas and it is interesting to note that each of these areas has developed its own MGTOW and Game philosophies. India is coming on line right now but for some reason Japan is not. My own view is that Japanese culture is based upon a sort of supercharged betadom. Japanese men have always been willing to sacrifice themselves for the Emperor and for women. Right now they are working themselves quite literally to death or killing themselves when they lose their job. If you live in London you will know that Japanese men under 70 never go on holiday. The only young tourists you see here are women because the men never take time off work. We need to talk to these guys.


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