A fat James Bond in an almost tuxedo

I would like you to study two photographs of Daniel Craig. The only difference between them is about two years and some clothing.
James Bond.Embarrassing Dad.So what exactly is the difference?
In the first photo Daniel wears a Tuxedo. This works on the contrast principle, combining shiny silks with smooth cotton, white with black and so on. The effect is to make him the ultimate Alpha.
The second photograph is completely family man. It is not even that bad. At least he ties his tie correctly and has it at the correct length. He also colour coordinates with his braces and shines his shoes up well, as such he is better than 90% of men but still he is not Bond.
Do you see how small details change everything?
The fact is that any man may apply the same principles to quite ordinary clothes. There is a science to it and there is no need to spend that much money. You will note that in the second photograph Daniel is wearing a silk tie, good quality trousers and a well pressed shirt. It is only his lack of knowledge that keeps him from being Bond.
I am a security guard and am therefore afflicted with the cheapest and lowest status uniform there is. Fortunately I work without supervision so I can customise things a little. I aim to be a fat James Bond in an almost tuxedo. By applying classical tailoring theory I can make myself look pretty dam good.
1. I added a cotton handkerchief to my uniform to increase contrast.
2. The tuxedo contrasts shiny silk collars with matt wool. This is not obvious in the top photograph but it accounts for 90% of the impact of a tux. I bought a black silk scarf to duplicate the effect on a shapeless and very cheap jacket.
3. I bought a quality silk tie to wear while on my way to work (more texture contrast). It was purple but should have been gold to match the gold buttons they make me wear. I will rectify this soon and have also learnt to to tie a Pratt knot for individuality.
4. If I must wear brass security guard buttons I will go OTT with the gold and peacock with it. I have french cuffs with gold cuff links, gold watch and will shortly have a gold pen too. The use of metal adds a further contrast of textures.
THE EFFECT. Day one.
These simple changes were designed to allow me to travel to work without feeling low status. The results exceeded my expectations causing the receptionist at the bank where I work to stay behind and talk to me in her own time. I have also noticed that women asses me on the train journey in. I am astonished that so much can be achieved with so little effort and will develop things with the receptionist if I can.
I am 59 and she is 23 so I do not expect too much.


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