Amazon arrives

There is nothing like an delivery to brighten the day.
The first one speaks for itself. It is a sort of pocket encyclopedia of edible plants with photographs and full colour illustrations to help you identify them. I realised that I have been walking past free salad most of my life. There is a section on mushrooms that I would be wary of but I intend to start eating for free immediately. The only way that I would improve the book would be to have the plants organized by season and not alphabetically. Best of all it only costs �2.49- the price of two bagged salads in a supermarket.
Ah, knots. Boy scouts are obsessed with them but why should the rest of us care? We must remember that Baden Powell (the founder of the Scouts) was originally a soldier and realised that you cannot build a shelter or control a horse without knowing them. I suspect the main use of this book may be amusing children but the book is going in my survival box anyway.


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