Being unemployed is hard work

When I became unemployed I thought it would be a restful experience (even if it would also be depressing). In fact it is stretching me because it resembles running ones own business. Unemployment is training me to be a manager!
The unemployed man has no master but this does not mean he is entitled to do nothing. He signs a declaration to say he is seeking work. If he is the habit of keeping his promises he does so. Unfortunately, because he has no single boss there is nobody to tell him when to stop.
The unemployed man is like a business owner. His life is a series of dips and peaks. On the one hand he fights off creditors and on the other he sells his himself relentlessly. He manages staff- he recruits various government agencies and sets them to work for him. One of these may pay his mortgage, another may retrain him and yet another may help him find work. Each of these organizations needs to be managed and praised just like an employee in a small company.
Today I discovered a neat way to save money (saving money is one of the 'jobs' of unemployment). I disconnected my home phone and internet service and opted for mobile versions instead.
Old setup.
�14.99 Land line internet (including free calls)
�12.04 Land line rental. (both talk talk)
�10.00 Mobile phone (3)
�37.03 TOTAL
New setup.
�13.00 Mobile phone with GPS, 300 min and 500mb data. (3 Mobile)
�15.00 Mobile internet (3G) 15GB (3 Mobile)
�28.00 TOTAL
�09.03 SAVING
I think both the new and old deals were better than most people receive. You have to haggle.
Next I contacted a really great organization called the National Skills Academy of Retail. This is an employer run organization that trains people for retail work. I had not thought of the in the past but would love to work in a mobile phone shop and talk nerd all day- and get commission too. I could fit this in with various courses and still have time to learn game.
Next- working on my diet by deliberately making myself sick!
I have been buying really cheap and filling food because this seemed better value to me- but I am growing fatter by the day (worry makes me eat). I have therefore decided to buy only healthy food from now on but I need to eat all my fattening food first. I will eat nothing green- nothing that is not fried or dripping with fat until it is all gone. This means that I will fall upon my first salad like a starving man and have no desire to return to my old ways! It is called 'aversion therapy'.
Thanks to my telecoms deal I have been able to order some books from Amazon. Some of them are for review here and some for my courses. I will use the GPS for some serious hiking to stop me worrying and burn some calories.
Tomorrow is study day. I will do my homework, send off more C.V and make multiple phone calls. In the evening I have a course. So it continues. I will come out of it a better man.
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