Beyond victim hood

I have been away from the 'manosphere' for some time. It was too depressing for me. I became interested in Game which offered hope and even had some modest results. Woody Allen put it best when he told us that Sex was one of the better empty experiences.
The thing I really missed was authenticity- the act of being myself despite everything. Strangely, Game has helped me with this more than with the sex. A true Alpha is always himself and never politically correct. He is also fireproof and can say things nobody else can. I even incorporated anti feminism into my pick up to give me 'bad boy' appeal.
Am I a true Alpha? No- but I am a convincing fake and this will do. Women tend to pander to Alphas and punish Betas. Alpha men simply do not meet feminists!
Feminism is a symptom of your Beta status!!
I am now returning to MRA sites and see that others are making the connection. Something very exciting is happening. I think that a new movement will arise that combines self help, pick up and anti feminism that will have wide appeal and change society for the better.
The pick up community is growing through example. Those who study it are transformed and become magnets to others because it is obvious that these men have something that other men want.
Right now MRA's are not an attractive bunch. We suffer a collective depression and learned helplessness. Men may agree that we are right but they do not want to be like us.
Many men's rights activists are beginning to transform themselves using Game methodology. This automatically improves our social skills and makes us the nucleus of a future social movement. Right now there are probably 30 really competent MRA pick up artists in the world. We can expect this to increase several thousandfold within a few years.
Some people are using game to improve mental health and business success..
We will go further than anyone else. We will transform civilization..


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