Hidden assets

Hidden assets cannot be stolen by any family court. Neither can they be stolen by the state to cover its current inability to balance its books. For this reason I recommend that men should devote at least 80% of their energies on the creation of hidden assets. The remaining 20% should pay your mortgage and allow you to support yourself without becoming a burden to others.
Some hidden assets.
GOOD FRIENDS. A friend cannot be reallocated by the family court and cannot be removed by the inland revenue. People with friends live longer than those without. Therefore I recommend you maintain your friendships even if it means reducing the number of hours you work.
SELF EDUCATION. Self education is the only real education. I contrast this with the parody of education that occurs in state schools where the true aim is not self development but homogenisation (rather like being captured by the Borg). True education is always self directed and does not have a pat on the back and a certificate as its final goal. It does not help you 'fit in' or have acceptable opinions. Self education is about thinking for oneself and learning to see the obvious.
INTEGRITY. It takes a strong man to remain sane and decent in a witch hunt. The politically correct will turn on anyone who does not fit in because they are scared of their own shadow. It can take a certain courage not to join in with office bullying because there is always the risk that one may become a target oneself. The person of integrity values truth above fitting in or having 'acceptable' opinions. On occasion it may be necessary to sacrifice ones career to tell the truth. So be it. Many people have sacrificed their lives.
GOOD MEMORIES. A family court may steal your children, your home and your money but it cannot steal good memories.
FORGIVENESS. Feminists are rarely happy because they cling to grievances, real or imagined. We need to forgive individual feminists while opposing the ideology. The Christians have a term for this- 'Love the sinner but hate the sin.'
CHARITY. The good you have done in your life cannot be undone simply because a family court decides to destroy you.
SPIRITUAL GROWTH. Feminists do not generaly grow as people- but they cannot stop us from doing so.
HEALTH. Eat well, sleep regularly and do not worry too much.
GOLD COINS. Gold is currently falling in value but must surely rise over time (the more US dollars in circulation the higher the price of gold). Buy bullion on the rebound but take care not to pay too much in commission- and beware of the fake items on eBay.
Gold may protect you from most of the foolish acts of central bankers. It holds its value relative to other assets in deflationary conditions- and yet remains a store of value during inflation.
Gold also offers privacy against government snooping. It may be used to circumvent currency controls and is also invisible to divorce lawyers.
DEBT REDUCTION. Carry as little debt as possible. Reduce your debt in good times when everyone else is accumulating more.


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