How to be a Submarine


What is a Submarine? A submarine is a man or woman who is prepared to disappear if the political situation demands it. In normal times this involves living quite openly but always mindful of what information is given out. I call this 'surface running'.
There is nothing more unhelpful to surface running than misplaced secrecy. We are honest people and have nothing to hide.
My own version of surface running involves complete transparency. Anyone who wishes to know me may read this blog. My only ambition is to live as a free man and right now the government poses no threat. The main dangers are identity theft and the risk our employers google our names.
Deep running where one has to leave the country- usually for political reasons. The British government is unlikely to formerly declare anyone an enemy of the state because the UK is a trading nation that must never embarrass its partners. Political Correctness is a far more effective way or stripping undesirables of their civil rights.
We are far more likely to have to run than you think. Forget any Hollywood notions you may have about tyranny. Military parades and a uniformed political police are very 20th century. Our present day tyrants have been very successful at taking our freedoms without any of these things- why should these guys change a winning formula? We can expect a intensification of speech codes and political correctness to the point that life as a free being becomes impossible.
The strange thing is that tyrants and monsters are generally very honest people. Hitler explained his plans quite honestly in Mien Kampf. The only reason the liberals of the day were taken off guard was that they chose to ignore what was in front of their eyes. The same applies to the Islamic radicals today. These guys have a long term game plan for world domination that has almost nothing to do with Iraq or Afghanistan. Harriet Harman (deputy Labour Party leader and extreme feminist) has made no secret of her own ambitions. She has joked that there would be no men left in the country the day after she becomes PM. It is true that the Labour Party is currently out of power but 'mad Hattie' has always played the long game and she is ruthlessly set upon power. She came to parliament as a 'Blare's babe' but shafted Tony Blair for personal advantage. Later on she turned on Gordon Brown (who she has supported only six month previously) by forming the WAG's (Women Against Gordon) a group of labour women who spread rumours about Gordon Brown's personal qualities, limp handshake, effeminate nature and general lack of Alpha.
The WAG's never made a policy statement but simply rubbished him as a man. This vicious, personal and careerist approach is her hallmark. She is curiously non political and will support anyone who promises her power and wealth.
Harriet became implicated in a number of corrupt expense claims and became a sort of shop steward for all corrupt MP's of whatever party. In this way she appealed to the worst elements within the Labour party and became deputy leader despite being unpopular with the party membership and the nation as a whole. Her only qualifications for the job was that she was a woman and that she had no shame. This means that Harriet Harman became the second most powerful person in the UK without facing the electorate. She then became party leader by default when Gordon resigned and has spent her time publicly ridiculing men in general. It is sobering to think that she may have become PM by the same mechanism if Labour had been in power.
Harriet Harman has already indicated that she wishes to introduce a special tax upon men that women will not have to pay. This would be used to finance programmes for single mothers making all men their collective husband. Harriet would also create a second form of pseudo marriage by which a woman could sue their former boyfriends for lifetime financial support.
This would strip men of whatever property we presently have and would also place us in permanent litigation with women claiming to be former girlfriends. This could be done quite easily as the family courts already hold massive power and probably no primary legislation would be required.
First decide on where you wish to live. This will usually be a poor country where one can live on a few pounds a day. You are unlikely to be prevented from leaving the UK. Your main problem is that you will have to leave most of your money here. This is because the 'family' courts have the power to stop you moving money around and selling property. They also have the power to suspend passports and driving licences but this is less commonly used. The family courts will be the main weapon used against men in the initial phase. We must remember that almost any woman would be able to claim to be the girlfriend of any man and this would tie him up in endless litigation that would prevent him selling his home.
You should have as much liquid cash and gold as you can afford (a minimum of 10% of total assets). Physical gold is preferable to gold based investments because it may be hidden and is easily spent in Asia. A man may carry sufficient gold in a briefcase to live for the remainder of his life in most SE Asian countries.
You will also need a local skill. My own solution is to teach English, but many others exist.
I will place the words SURFACE RUNNING with a link to this article. This means that things are basically OK at the moment. This means that we should live in peace with the government and work to increase the trust they have in us. If this benign atmosphere changes I will also change the words in the sidebar to DEEP RUNNING. You may think of this as the tail of a rabbit which flashes a warning to all other rabbits the moment it starts to run.


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