How to DHV

DHV stands for demonstration of higher value. You should never come right out with your DHV. This demonstrates neediness not status. The DHV should always be indirect. Your friends can say good things about you but you cannot say them about yourself.
It is amusing to DHV when you are in a conversation as the woman 'perks up' instantly and even becomes more physically attractive.
This is a list of DHV's that work for me. They are all true and you should think of your own examples that you can deliver truthfully.
1) I have a zippo lighter with an inscription 'European Grunwald Champion 2010'. The woman will ask what Granwald is and I will look at her and say 'first rule of Grunwald- no talking about Grunwald'. Then give a cheeky smile. This is actually a joke and fits in with my fun loving pickup persona.
2) I tell her that I can make her orgasm without touching her. This is true.
3) I mention something from one of my travels provided I can slip it into my conversation naturally.
4) Try the Ryanair DHV


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