How to reduce your boiler settings

Most electric boilers are set at about 90 degrees. This is far too hot for most purposes- particularly if you live alone.
I have changed my own settings to forty for the main heater and just thirty for the booster that is used in peak hours. This suits me because I wash laundry at thirty these days. It is a false economy to set the boiler lower than the washing machine.
All you need to do is turn off the mains, remove the covers of the heater units that protrude into the tank, and then change the setting. Remember to turn off the power!
I am also insulating all of my intermal pipes and have tried to buy a jacket for my boiler. Unfortunately it is nessasary to find a jacket of the right size or there is little benefit gained. For this reason I have decided to create my own solution with unwanted clothing. This should take half a day but will probably be better than a paid for insulation jacket once I have finished.
This should save around five pounds a month.


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