How to revive British tourism

Britain is full of unused tourist resources. This is a list of the top five.
5. Britain by train.
One of the glories of Britain is that the countryside is so diverse. It is hard to travel more than twenty miles in any direction without finding yourself in a completely different landscape. You will find the people there speak differently and even eat different food. The best way to see this is by train.
4. Neolithic Britain.
Stonehenge is famous but Britain is actually full of ancient sites. Many of them (such as Glastonbury) are the center of much myth and legend. Some are older than the pyramids of Egypt. They are more modest is scale but they have their own mystery and atmosphere.
3. Literary Britain
There are many literary Englands. Think of Sherlock Holmes, Dickens or even Harry Potter. Each of these exist within their own world and this is part of their appeal. There is now a Dickens theme park in Kent. 221b Baker Street has also become a Sherlock Holmes museum. Harry Potter has gone to Orlando however.
2. Food Britain
British food has had a bad rap for a long time. This is partly because British people have not valued there own food. British food was also suffered from two world wars when eating badly became a sort of civic duty. Everything was sent to the front. Few people can remember just how dreadful life was for most people in the 1950's and 1960's and British food came to reflect the general grimness of life.
This has now changed and English people are now discovering to their surprise that there are many tasty local dishes that have even become fashionable in France. Britain also has more than 700 distinct cheese types compared to a mere 246 from France.
1. Canal Britain
Britain was the first industrial power and still has 2000 miles of canals and navigable rivers. It is possible to travel from one side of the country to the next on a houseboat.
To his credit, Tony Blair did seem to recognize the potential of canals for a brief period. The photograph is of the Falkirk wheel- a sort of boat lift near Glasgow that was built in his reign.


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