Rice and fish

Dieting is a female hobby and yet men benefit from being thin at least as much as women (excessive fat makes CPR difficult in the event of a heart attack). Our problem as men is that the dieting industry has grown up around female needs. One of these is the need to bond with other women over their food cravings. Many lasting female friendships have been made over the agony of a cream cake not eaten.
The problem with dieting is that it focuses the mind on what is forbidden. The more you think about denying yourself some pleasure the greater it grows in your mind. The way to lose weight easily is to find new pleasures that advance your personal goals rather than obsess upon self denial.
I have deliberately developed a taste for rice and steamed fish. This is very easily prepared using a rice cooker. Simply boil the rice in the lower chamber and place fish and vegetables in the upper chamber. The steam from the rice will cook the other items without boiling away the flavour or the nutrients. Throw them together on a plate and you have a healthy meal that took less time to prepare than a microwave mystery concoction that tastes of plastic. Do not weigh yourself and do not deny yourself anything you currently enjoy. Simply replace bad habits with good ones and watch your weight drop off without effort.


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