Teaching English

Many men have found escape from their own countries by teaching English abroad. It is not an easy option. We must remember that our students have invested a great deal of money to learn English and we hold their future in our hands. This means that we are obligated to take it very seriously.
Does it pay? Sometimes! The English teacher will receive a good local wage and will often have good accommodation and a maid provided. These services would cost a great deal in the UK but are very cheap locally.
The male English teacher also lives in a sexual paradise even if he has no game whatever. In fact teaching IS game. Game may be seem as an artificial means of creating what English teachers have for real.
Social proof. Women are attracted to men who are listened to by other men. Who is listened to more than an English teacher?
Lifestyle. Who lives a more interesting life than a traveller?
Genetic diversity. There is a tendency to mix genes with people unlike yourself. This is why 'exotic' looks are always prized. You will know this if you have ever traveled- you become suddenly good looking wherever you go.
In order to do this you may need a CELTA or other high level teaching certificate. A good school such as my own choice International House requires good English before they will accept me as a student. Unfortunately I have not yet reached this standard and so am doing a simple (free) English course right now.
In addition to this many countries require a degree in order to issue a work visa. My choice here is the Open University that offers a part time flexible 'open' degree which involves moving from subject to subject at will.


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