Thank you! Thank you!!

Thank you for linking to me and thank you for following my blog on Google friends connect. I have created a Karma League to the right of this page so that you know how much I appreciate you all.
The top ranking karma site is In Mala Fide which is not always work safe but is fascinating. The site is named after a French Fascist and the current article is called 'white is right' and yet the blog itself is moderate, intelligent and conversational in tone. In Mala Fide has linked to a number of my articles in the past. Thank you.
Next comes Marky Marks thoughts on various issues and Rex Patriarch with classic MGTOW blogs. Cool Tools 4 Men combines science with men's rights and the Counter Feminist a highbrow MGTOW blog. The Troll King is yet another MGTOW writer but with an angry edge- the site is not always work safe.
Thank you all.


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