The Bulgarian gardener fan club

I came across this blog that was by a guy who set himself an interesting challenge. He resolved to take a penny and make it into something more. His first purchase was three goldfish and now (less than three months later) he has a plot of land in Bulgaria!
This seems an inspiring tale. I doubt that I will make the same heady gains as this guy but I hope to make about ten percent a month. I am also willing to invest every penny of spare cash I have even though it is only a few hundred pounds. I have a notebook that I carry around with me to jot down money making ideas. Most people are far more resourceful with their employers than with their own finances. This is because people like to tell others of their achievements and this is generally not possible in ones own life. Blogging about money in this way makes me responsible for my actions and focuses the mind wonderfully. Hopefully I will have the cash to put these into action around the 25th of this month.


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