The Knight and the Gentleman

Social change seems to occur when a determined minority exploit an existing stereotype.
Feminism played upon existing positive images of women, such as motherhood and the innocent virgin we wish to protect. This is why we talk glibly about protecting 'women and children' as if these two groups were entirely the same. In fact they are not- women are adult human beings and almost as able to protect themselves as men. It would make more sense to talk of 'children and old people' although we never do.
Feminism has also taken the image of the chaste maiden and applied it to all women so that women become blushing virgins who must be protected from vulgar male contact.
The good news is that there are some very powerful male images that we can use if we choose. One of these is the Knight. A Knight is a submissive warrior who has taken a vow of obedience to a king or nobleman by kneeling and kissing his hand. In return for food and lodging (and possible future wealth) the Knight becomes a slave to his lord and will die on his command.
When a woman asks a man to propose on bended knee she is asking him to mimic the Knights original submissive act. The difference is that it is he who guarantees sustenance to the woman and not the other way around. Nevertheless it is understood that the husband must lay down his life if required.
This is a powerful aphrodisiac for most women. Having a man propose on bended knee is an act of submission on his part but it also shows strength (knights kill dragons).
In most species of animals it is the alpha male who confronts enemies so assuming this role is perfectly alpha provided he does so willingly. The alpha male protects his family because this is his nature- not because he is nagged into doing so. This is why the submissive act of proposing on bended knee is so ambiguous. The whole 'knights in shining armor' thing is popular among submissive women.
The Gentleman is the most powerful of all archetypes. He is also a warrior (or his ancestors were) and is now independently powerful. He carries himself with authority and never raises his voice because everyone knows who he is. He can make other people feel good about themselves and is unfailingly polite- but this is not nice-guy politeness. It comes from authority.
The gentleman is the ultimate alpha and also the finest husband any woman could wish for. He is the ultimate female sexual fantasy and he is not expected to be politically correct because only betas do this. The gentleman is often a bad-boy.
We can all be gentlemen. The gentleman has ultimate natural game and does not AMOG other men because he KNOWS what he is. He has nothing to prove and everyone seeks his approval. He never appears to try too hard. Let others sweat for status and acceptance. He claims these things as a natural right.
The gentleman treats women as ladies. This does not mean putting up with nonsense- it means holding women to high standards while believing in them. There is far more to a lady than being female just as there is more to being a gentleman than being male.
The gentleman is smooth. He never shouts, frets or whines. He is (in RSD lingo) 'unreactive'. In fact the gentleman embodies every game concept. He peacocks in his dress. He embodies a fantasy. He is sincere and finds the good in people but he never flatters.
Above all the gentleman is secure within himself and has nothing to prove.


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