The lie at the heart of Game

If you ask and pick up guru why they are good with women you will be told that they clawed their way to success through hard work. This is a cheering message but unfortunately it is also a lie.
Let us look at the gurus a little closer- what do we find? Almost every one of them has a lifestyle that would draw women to them no matter how bad their game. In most cases they became good with women through practice because their lifestyles were drawing women to them anyway.
Mystery is an illusionist and now he is a T.V star as well. I could take the geekiest guy in the world, put him on T.V and follow him around with cameras and I am sure he would get laid.
How about Style? He is on first name terms with rock stars and is also a millionaire. Tyler is worshiped like a rock star and has male groupies follow him around and hang on every word. The entire RSD business empire is a colossal DHV.
Gambler looks like a male model, AFC Adam was a club promoter and so on. This is not to say that their advice is not good- but be aware that they did NOT drag themselves from AFCdom by the methods they teach. Every pick up guru (with the apparent exception of Ross Jefferies) has cultivated a rock star lifestyle and then laid game on top.


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