The man who owns the sun

The most reliable indicator of a persons spiritual level is their ability to own things.
A person of a low level is capable of only of owning things exclusively. In other words the pleasure is not so much in the ownership but in depriving others of ownership.
These people generally work hard and spend their money on things that other people will admire- such as cars and houses. They do not even get pleasure from these things themselves. As soon as they find someone who does not envy their belongings they become dissatisfied.
The world at large passes them by. They do not notice the beauty of public architecture or the flowers in the park. They are bent upon accumulating things. You may show such a person a great work of art and yet they are unable to truly 'see' the painting. These people experience the world though the proxy of other peoples opinions. The painting is good if it is fashionable- or if it is worth a great deal of money.
The terrible irony is that these great materialists do not even own themselves.
A person of high spiritual level on the other hand will always be wealthy. The whole world belongs to them but they are happier sharing these things than enjoying them alone.
Anyone who wishes to join the Ghost Nation must first attain this level. This is because going ghost involves giving up exclusive ownership of 'stuff'. The ghost owns little but his rucksack and his freedom and yet he owns the entire world.


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