The Paradox of Submission

It is a strange irony that the only people who talk openly about female submission are women. Men have been shamed into silence and our natural need for this has been turned into a parody of itself. Nevertheless women (who carry less shame on the subject) have been forced to raise the subject themselves. This creates a plethora of paradoxes. On the one hand women crave strong men because they are exhausted by the need to adopt 'male' personas a work. They want the protection of strong men, to be told what to do and to be appreciated for their femininity. This unmet need can become so strong that an apparently sensible woman may fall in love with a criminal and allow him to wreck her life. It also results in the strange notion that romance only took place in previous centuries. Jane Austin is popular because she wrote of an age where men were not pussies. The irony is that almost nobody married for pure love in her books. Each party aimed to make a 'good' marriage- meaning that they wished to increase their wealth by doing so. The present age is the true age of romance where most people marry for love- or at least it would be if men could be men once again.
Another manifestation of this need is the taken in hand movement. This is an entirely female led movement dedicated to the supremacy of husbands. The website receives about half a million hits a day- almost all from women. Some aspects worry me. Many women need to fear their husbands in order to feel he is the boss. These women give their husbands permission to punish them in ways they know they will hate- even if they object at the time. This seems to be sailing quite close to real abuse to me.
Another (more helpful) aspect is the large number of female relationship coaches who now advise submission as a way of building intimacy. This is a more 'equal' sort of submission where each party gets something back.
We also have the irony of the African Churches in the UK where the male pastor hectors his female audience on the virtues of obedience to male authority. These churches typically have five or more women for every man- and even higher ratio than the mangina Church of England.
We see a growing interest in BDSM that has been fueled by the Internet. Most large citys have regular meetings and events although they are not widely known. Again we see that there are about five submissive women for every dominant.
Another irony is that women dislike working for female bosses. This means that feminism can either please female managers or female employees but not both. Women simply prefer to follow the orders of men because they (quite rightly) believe that he has her interests at heart. They would rather follow a man who is biologicaly programmed to care for her than a feminist who loudly protests her support for all things female but who sees her as a threat.
The reason these manifestations are so odd is that in most cases the women (who dream of submission and passivity) are doing all the hard work themselves. They are effectively dominating themselves which results in an escalation of the submissive activity.
Three hundred years ago a woman would have been almost unaware of her need for male leadership. She would spend her girlhood under the guidance of her father and then be passed on to her husband. Now she is free but she is also alone. This results in a great many strange behaviours such as blaming men for everything that goes wrong in their lives. In effect a woman who blames a man for her mood swings and her bad decisions is blaming him for for not controlling her. Feminism (ironically) can be seen a a gigantic complaint that men are not sufficiently controlling!
So what is the answer? Are we to return to a simpler age and chain them barefoot and pregnant to the kitchen sink? No. This is both inhumane and economically wasteful. It would simply replace the nonsensical complaints of women with real ones.
So do we try to accommodate feminism? This is impossible as feminism itself has no idea what it really wants except to avoid responsibility for anything at all.
The only remaining alternative is for men and women to understand their true natures. This means making peace with the notion of submission and combining it with economic and political equality. An increasing number of women demand that men assume the leadership role. The final irony is that we must follow their lead in order to do so.
NB: If you want a sure fire conversation starter with women- ask them what they think about female submission. An interesting conversation will follow.


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