Tour of the City

The City is an enclave within London that has been run according to MGTOW principles for at least a thousand years.
Government (and local taxation) is largely voluntary here. Companies and individuals pay their tax to the national government but the local government (the Corporation of London) runs largely on voluntary effort.
The City is guarded by dragons that always face the outside world. Once you are in the City (which is a tiny enclave) you will notice dragons everywhere.

There is nothing the English love more than a silly costume. In fact it is possible to get many of us to work all year without a wage in return for this right. This means that the cost of government can be kept to a minimum.

This is a map of the City- it will help you understand how small it is. The numbers represent the great livery halls where people who love the City gather to eat, drink and raise money for the City.
The City is not particularly democratic but it is a genuinely open and popular organization that is able to persuade many bright people to devote their time and money to its upkeep.
Local government in Britain is famous for its life sapping, Soviet style architecture. The City is an exception and it is quite wonderful to walk around with your mouth open.

The City has understood something about men that everyone else has missed. Men love uniforms, rank and tradition. We love to contribute as long as we are respected for doing so. The City offers an series of initiations (at a price) so that a successful man may become a revered patriarch in return for sharing his wealth.
The Corporation also organises a City of London festival each year- a sort of Notting Hill but with white people.
We are ending the age of big government. This does not mean the future is dull or grey.
The City resembles a medieval city state and yet combines this with being the leading financial centre of Europe. It is a small, tightly organized little state and also libertarian in that participation in government is voluntary. It also manages to combine mass participation with doubtful democracy- a paradox in all things.

This is the monument to the Great Fire of London and is found in the centre of the city. There is a project to turn it into the centrepiece of a gigantic sundial!
The City has achieved greatness by harnessing the desire men have to join associations and associate with other men. The City may have something to teach the west when we realise that the state can no longer provide for us.


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