A Man and his Blog

One of the few advantages of having a wife is that it keeps a man busy. In other words the married man is as purposeful and busy at home as he is at work. This is because he is effectively employed by his wife and closely supervised all of his waking hours either by his wife or his employer. Only in his dreams is he free and many men have lost the art even of holding dreams.
Some men seem to welcome this. They experience freedom as emptiness. They need structure and boundaries in exactly the same way that a child need these things. They seek nothing more from life than to be kept busy and free of thought.
Is it possible to replicate the structure of marriage without becoming a slave? We may not envy the slave but we can marvel at what he builds. What if we were to find our own purpose and pursue it with the same energy?
The single man can put things off. He can loaf or goof off with his friends. The married man is given a list of tasks for the weekend and (provided he does not worry about why these things must be done) can be productive and happy in his limited way.
One alternative to this serfdom is the Blog. I can tell you what I intend to do and therefore become responsible to you. The difference is that by writing this blog I can decide for myself what is important rather than allowing myself to become the shadow of a woman.
They say that a woman's work is never done. There is a horrible truth in this. She will invent tasks to fill her day and then invent tasks to fill your day as well. It is all very well being busy but it is far more important to be focused upon something that needs to be done.


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