Navy Maxi Dress


Would you call the hue of this dress cerulean or navy? Either way- it's my new favorite piece!
I'm always drawn to maxi dresses in the Summer. It's the kind of piece you can wear without overheating in the sun. Also, you look pulled together without having to give up comfort. The bright blue both reminds me of the ocean and Prada Spring 2011. When wearing such a vibrant color, keep the accessories simple and subtle. I brought some neon into the mix by way of the small clutch. The necklace dressed up my neckline and the sunglasses add both glamour and protection against Summer's harsh rays.
I knew when I spotted this dress in Fab'rik, I had to wear it with simple, flat sandals. I wanted the dress to be the focal point of the look. With it's electric hue, how could I even attempt to steal its spotlight away? Instead, I dressed around the frock. Adding in only basic accents: black sunglasses, and sandals. Albeit, yes, the clutch is trying to steal some of the dress's thunder, it also complements the hue. And the bone white cuffs and bracelets only bring out the blue of the dress that much more. Overall, I found this look both playful and fun to dress up. I would wear this piece to a summer luncheon or a romantic stroll on the beach. Either route I choose, this dress would fit in nicely. Easy, effortless dressing is what Summer weather is all about. I would also suggest loosely tying a scarf around your shoulders, for those uncomfortable with baring their arms or wanting to fight a chill in the air. Try color blocking, maybe wearing a scarf in a strong orange or you can keep things in the same color family by using a pale blue color. Whatever your choosing, this dress will always pop and stand out.


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