A-OK! Moves Like Jagger


Studded Leather Jacket + Boots thanks to MODEKUNGEN.SE
A-OK! Galaxy Print Crop Top thanks to GLAMOUR KILLS
Stripe Maxi Skirt thanks to AGAIN
Ray-Ban Sunglasses
Hello 2012! Today I decided to take this striped maxi skirt out for a spin once more. Remember how I wore it last time? I took advantage of the nice weather today, before tomorrow, when temperatures are supposed to drop down into the thirties and forties.. brr!
I forgot to ask you guys yesterday. What are your New Year's Resolutions? I never really make any (or stick to them for that matter!) I do want to Travel more, though!! And something new for the year, I'll be adding music to each post. Just click the YouTube banner below to play and find out my musical pick of the day.. ;)
Hope you enjoy. x X


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