Schools of Game

Game is not a monolith. Game consists of several schools, many of which hold conflicting values. I will list the most prominent tendencies along with my (imperfect) understanding of them. I have listed them in the approximate order in which they evolved.
This is an NLP based method that aims to create an emotional bubble within which she is free to do the thing she wishes to do anyway. It was invented by a very bright guy by the name of Ross Jeffries who was the model for the Tom Cruse character in the Magnolia film.
Ross likes to stress the hypnosis angle and give the impression he is dealing in something illicit. This could cause a great deal of trouble for us all as it gives the feminists the opportunity to cry 'rape' whenever a woman is seduced.
Ross Jeffries also went through an (allegedly) Satan worshiping period that he seems to have outgrown. During this period he gave off a very unpleasant and strange energy.
I do not believe speed seduction is abusive. The so called 'hypnotism' is not what most people think of as hypnotism. It does not place a women in a helpless state where she can be commanded to do things against her interests. It simply allows the woman to access emotional states that are not normally available to her.
My problem with SS is that it places the seducer in his own head. It is difficult for a man to enjoy a woman's company while he is running 'pattens' on her. In fact a really decent man can feel like a sexual predator even when he is quite innocent.
This is not to say that speed seduction does not work. I am quite sure that it can get women into bed but this may not be your true goal. My own goal was to be respected by women and treated as an equal and I cannot see this happening by running complex scripts and pattens on them.
This is a 'revenge of the nerds' enterprise that breaks attraction down into a huge number of factors and steps with an entire language to go with them. You will hear talk of M3, A2, DHV, PushPull, Kino- on and on.
One gets the impression that many men involved with this school spend their time in nerd lairs with other men. This is not to say that they do not get plenty of sex- but most of their relationships with women are scripted and (to my mind) empty. The chief satisfaction seems to be recognition from other men.
Simply knowing some of this stuff can be destructive. It becomes possible to interpret almost everything through the mystery method technology and this makes one a nerd almost despite oneself. It is hard to get out of ones head when everything one does can be plotted on a graph with circles and arrows.
Mystery Method was developed for the superficial and highly competitive sport of seducing hot nightclub babes. Much of it is concerned with the AMOG- the art of destroying other men in the eyes of women. This is hurtful and castrating when done to oneself. If you have suddenly found yourself feeling foolish and low status in a mixed group you may well have been AMOG'd.
This has evolved into a highly natural style that does not aim to tear other men down directly but to outshine them. It has greater application outside of game as 'core confidence' makes one more able in many ways. This is my own preferred method right now.
This aims to help a man develop 'presence' and to be more himself. It deals with esoteric concepts that seem to verge on magic.
There are many individual teachers and products that sell combinations of the above. Generally speaking the early methods produce a large number of quick seductions (often sucking in unstable women) while the later ones are more relationship oriented.


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