Be social

It is always the lonely guy who takes the blame. A very nasty trend has developed in the UK by which the media descend upon socially isolated men on the periphery of murder cases. The connection can be quite slight, such as working in the same office or living within a mile of the victim. The media will then build a case against this innocent man by questioning neighbours about his habits. Does he live alone? Keep strange hours? Is he quiet or shy? Does he have a girlfriend? If not- why? Can his previous girlfriend be found and persuaded to say something bad about him? All of this may be done without ever saying he is the killer and therefore not breaking any law.
Of course, most of us will never be caught up in a murder enquiry- but the same vindictive lack of logic applies to almost every area of life. The isolated introvert is far more likely to be accused of sexual harassment than the office romeo despite the fact that the shy guy cannot even talk to women let alone harass them. This happens because emotions are contagious. The shy man always feels awkward and tense and as a result women feel tension and fear around him. He is utterly innocent of all wrongdoing but creeps women out simply by being in the same room.
The only defense is to develop as a human being. The best defense is a circle of female friends who act as proof of your non creepiness.A gazelle will not approach a watering hole where there are no other herbivores drinking. This is because the gazelle assumes that a predator must be lurking nearby even if they cannot be seen. It is much the same with women. A man who has no women near him is assumed to be dangerous while a popular man is assumed to be safe- or why would other women feel safe to graze near him?
In short.. the less fearful you are, the safer you will be.
I hope this helps.


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