Before the Fall

We are all survivalists now. No wise person can exist without an up to date C.V.
This is why economic recovery is so slow and faint. When individuals come to money they do not spend it as they once did- they reduce their debts as they have no idea what the future brings. The same is true of companies. Many companies have done good work on their overheads and are now profitable with quite low levels of sales. Management has returned to the nuts and bolts of the business and is less interested in financial engineering. Prior to the crash it was possible to find companies who ran entire divisions at a loss simply because stock analysts expected them to be active in certain areas such as Internet marketing. These days the City is happy to find a company that makes a stable profit. Castles in the air are out.
All this is good but it means that we will not return to the old ways for many years. The best we can hope for is a long period of debt reduction and uncertainty.
Nevertheless we must remember that some individuals prosper even in dark times. The fleet of foot can always adapt to new conditions and having little stake in the old order can actually be an advantage. The Ghost fits this template perfectly. He is self reliant and cynical of all the grand plans of government.
We must all have two C.V. One of these is for the most likely outcome (a long malaise) and the other is for the fall. Neither of them is your traditional paper resume.
Your C.V for the long malaise.The traditional paper C.V is dead simply because employers no longer have time to read them. A company may receive 100 unsolicited C.V a day in the present conditions and cannot store them let alone read them all. A paper C.V remains useful for highly specialised jobs but they will only be read once you have the employers attention.
Everyone needs to update their LinkedIn accounts regularly. I was shocked to find that mine was only 60% complete and this simply will not do if I want options in my life. Purge your Facebook account of embarrassing photographs (drunkenness, nudity and so on). Get yourself some qualifications. This need not cost much and need not even be relevant. The important thing is to show continuing mental activity once one has left school.
Your C.V for the Fall.
If the worst comes to the worst you will need a different C.V altogether. You will need good friends around you. You will need primitive skills and you will will need reserves of mental and physical health. Everyone needs to create a 'ghost' C.V and to post this on-line. We need to create a network of alliances ahead of any future crisis. A 'ghost' C.V is simply a list of survival abilities and transferable skills for the fall. These will generally be a two way bet. In other words they will help you in good times and bad. Which employer would not prefer a self reliant employee who can deliver a baby, fix a car, disarm an armed attacker and then put out a raging fire? These are traditional masculine attributes that have been sadly engineered out of society. Your employer will enjoy having you around but come the Fall it will be you who issues the orders and not him.


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