The case for a University for Men

There are fewer male graduates than female ones in most developed nations (the usual split is 40/60). If this were any group other than men something would have been done about this years ago.
One option would be to get feminists out of teaching. This is not going to happen any time soon. We have to look at the second option- a university exclusively for men.
This would have to be situated in a large city such as London where a number of universities already exist- and it would have to be in addition to existing universities as it would be politically impossible to change a mixed facility into a male only institution.
If we are to believe the feminists the University for Men would actually benefit women because men do nothing in university other than harass women.
As part of this settlement women would be allowed to create a University of Women if they wished. This would would tend to attract the radical feminists and thus remove them from mixed institutions- improving the atmosphere in these places no end.


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