I am exhausted.
I had to take a break after this sentence. Why am I exhausted?
I had to work twelve hour shifts through a heavy cold. I did this for eleven days. Prisoners and cattle are entitled to rest and sleep but not the average working man it seems. This is because the tax system taxes men more heavily than women and nobody seems to think this odd.
Sure.. I could go on a rant about this- but I am exhausted.
Feminism uses high taxation and exhaustion as a means to social control. Gulags are old technology from the Soviet Union. Feminists have replaced the propaganda of power (May Day parades and so forth) and replaced it with a propaganda of weakness (pretending that men have more power than we do). Apart from this central difference the effect is remarkably similar. Men are silenced and worked half to death. Only the barbed wire and the guards are missing. This is a double advantage to the feminists. Excessive work restricts our movements but it also prevents thought. A man needs leisure for thought and an obsessive focus upon work results in a limited mental world.
The first enemy therefore is exhaustion. Exhaustion is cumulative. First one finds one does not have time to eat properly and then one becomes ill. This means that everything takes longer than it should. I no longer have the energy to visit the supermarket and so gradually I stop eating completely. It is easy to do this if one is exhausted and ill as one has no appetite.
Actually I am dieing and I have only just realised it.
The answer to exhaustion is a Safe Haven. This a place where one may recover from what the world throws at us. Lack of a safe haven is the hidden cause of many, many illnesses.
Last month (long before I became ill) I felt the icy hand of exhaustion upon me and began by some instinct to create my haven. I bought a juicer and resolved to drink carrot juice each morning. Carrot juice is filling and it is possible to work for many hours on a carrot juice and some toast. I also bought a bale of towels for the bathroom. These are a beautiful virgin white and I have used the old ones as pipe lagging. Simply using them gives me a subtle boost each morning.
We all have the intuition to know what should be in our Haven. Unfortunately we often ignore this. if I had used my juicer every day as planned I may never have become ill.
To develop your intuition simply stand in a room for a while. How does it feel? How could it feel better? Choose a cheap and practical fix and repeat the process.
One cup of carrot juice- 33p (23p carrots + 10p capital cost of the juicer).
Incidental savings.
a) No need to take a vitamin pill in the morning.
b) The carrot juice will replace one cup of coffee.
c) Carrot juice is more filling than tea or coffee meaning you will eat less.


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