I ditch a Witch (yes a real one)

I have just broken with one of my Harem- a real life living breathing spell casting witch. She really does use magic. I am not just insulting her.
Basically my rationalisation hamster has just fallen off its wheel. Here are the red flags.
1) Upon first giving her my number I received multiple messages. I was unable to answer these as I was asleep (I work shifts). I also found out that she had been approaching third parties that may or not know me because she seemed to believe I had given her the wrong one.
I put this down to over gaming her. Game is supposed to make a woman keen on a man and it is very powerful. Maybe I just needed to reduce the dose?
2) The day two went very well but she had some anti male attitudes that I challenged- that men were sex obsessed and incapable of intimacy. To her credit she shifted her frame when I told her to.
The biggest secret I have discovered about women is that they will feel whatever you tell them to feel provided you tell her with absolute certainty. This only works once she is attracted and once she sees you as Alpha. It is even possible to tell a woman to orgasm in this way and she will do so without so much as a kiss. Think Jedi mind tricks and you will not go far wrong. I simply told her 'no feminism, no negativity' while passing my hand across her face. She changed in an instant. Remember- this has nothing to do with bullying or arguing. These are Beta behaviours. The Alpha simply states what a woman is to feel as a matter of fact. This knowledge is so powerful that it should be used lightly and with caution.
3) She was chronically late and I know she does not do this to her employers.
My old Beta self would have made excuses for her but my new Alpha self can recognise a flake as a flake. Tomorrow I will go out and pick up someone to replace her. It really is that easy. I never thought I would find anything about women easy. I wish her well but wonder if I will look like this in the morning.


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