Frugality and Survivalism

We generally find that Survivalists turn their back of consumerism and the whole 'sell your soul to the company store' ethic. Consumerism and Survivalism seem incompatible although it takes a little while to understand why.
The penny drops as soon as we begin to economise. Life not only becomes cheaper- it also becomes greener, less stressful and more suited to long term survival.
My own kitchen came to resemble a survivalists lair very quickly. My need for economy was so great that I cut meat from my diet entirely and lived on pulses and grains. These were bought in bulk (again for economy) and suddenly I found myself with three months food supplies.
Survivalists and economisers are both suspicious of easy promises. Survivalists rarely believe the government while economisers rarely believe an advertisement. Both are brothers under the skin.
Simple foods (rice, oats, beans ext) are healthier and cheaper that the alternatives. They may be dry stored for years as insurance against the zombie apocalypse and provide a hedge against inflation in the mean while. They are all round good news and well suited to campfire cooking.
Frugality also requires a low energy lifestyle. This saves money in the present while also providing insurance against economic collapse. If the peak oil guys are right then we will all be living a low energy life twenty years from now. The only difference is that the frugal survivalist has planned this all in advance.
The best thing you can do to protect yourself and your family is live cheaply. The one skill we can be sure we will need after the Fall is the ability to live on a low income.


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