My weekend of bad Game

This weekend was supposed to be the relaunch of my career as a pick up artist. What a washout it turned out to be.
I started out with high expectations. I had learned of a free boot-camp that was run by a guy called Grant who wanted the validation of being a pickup guru and was prepared to share his expertise in order to receive it. I therefore cleared my weekend of all competing events and made it down to central London full of expectations- only to find that the other participants had decided that football and sunshine were better options so the event was canceled. It was rather ironic to find that pick up artists flake on me as so much game is dedicated to preventing women from doing the same. The original plan was to spend a few hours in the West End doing street approaches. Of course my bottle went the moment I got there because I had already been defeated by the cancellation of the boot-camp. I embarrassed myself a few times and then returned home again.
The next day I decided to go to speakers corner and rant and rave for a few hours. I would incorporate game into my public speaking and turn heckling into banter. I would treat all disagreement as a shit test and then see the result.
Actually it went quite well except that I completely forgot to do any gaming. I adopted a quieter and more conversational style of speaking than before and encountered little resistance. Most people have woken up to men's issues and are OK with it provided you do not seem anti woman. This perception brings out the white knights and makes serious discussion impossible.
I also spent far too much time debating religion (a futile task even if it draws an audience) and this ended with a Muslim promising to kill a Christian I was debating with. Most religious debates end in this way.
I am not too depressed about the weekend. The real point of Game is that it will force me out of my comfort zone and make me more of a man. Men should be able to confront embarrassment and push forward. There is never any guarantee of victory in any battle. I have at least been able to maintain an extrovert and charismatic persona while at Speakers Corner and maintained control of my own meeting.


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