National Gallery Lates

I am off to the National Gallery Late. This is a free event put on by the National Gallery in London. I rather like this gallery because it has (on the whole) taken a stand against the sordid ugliness that calls itself art in so many other galleries.

This effort is one of the exceptions (fortunately now gone). It is supposed to be a recreation of the red light district in Amsterdam. Look closely and you will see that the women have been dehumanised and are covered with semen that degrades them and turns them into objects to be pitied. The purpose of the artwork is probably to protest against patriarchy and yet it objectifies women more than any man.
Contrast this with a painting by Pordenone (probably) painted around 1515 and found in the same gallery doing the same job. Notice that this woman retains her humanity. She appears to be bored and frustrated with her limited life and yet remains a full human being unlike the semen splattered sex dolls from the feminists.
OK. Art lesson over. I hope to meet some hot art chicks at the event tonight and I will let you know how it goes.


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