Nine skills every man needs

Here are what I believe to be the nine key skills to male life. They amount to a magic bullet for almost any problem that life may present and almost guarantee an exceptional life.
1. Handwriting analysis.
This is not a science but it does guarantee a meaningful conversation with just about any woman you may wish to talk to. Simply ask for a sample of her writing and analyse away. You can go very deep with this very quickly and find yourself talking about her deepest sexual and romantic yearnings before you know her name. There is no need to be a fraud about it. Tell her the truth- that you are not sure if there is truth in it or not, but you would like to investigate. The 'investigation' opener also explains why you are approaching strange women and offering readings. If you did not have a legitimate reason for doing so this would seem try hard-hard and needy but a fun experiment is OK.
2. Read body language.
This is similar to point (1) except that you will spook yourself out as well as the girl. We are all giving away a thousand clues to our natures with ever step we take. My own favorite opener right now is to guess a woman's nationality. This works with FSU women because many people do not even know that their countries even exist. It is colossally flattering to be told that there is some special essence that only women from a single nation have. Be careful though. The last time I ran this it was on a Polish woman who had been painfully divorced from a Romanian man. It appeared that he dominated her to such an extent that she walked and held herself as if she were Romanian.
3. Learn your own opener.
Openers only really work if they come from the heart. There is nothing more lame than Mystery method delivered without conviction. My own favorite right now is "What is your opinion of female sexual submission?" This should be asked before you even ask her name. Make sure she is in a public place and surrounded by her friends as it could be seriously creepy if she is alone.
This generally results in shrieks of laughter and a group of girls will compete with one another to be the most wild by demanding that you spank them and so on. The more confident the girls the better it works.
Do not try this unless if feels right to you.
4. Find your safe haven.
When women attack it is rarely with fists. More often it is by destabilising you in some way. This may involve undermining your sense of reality, convincing you that you are generally disliked by the world or attacks upon your sexual nature.
One solution is meditation. This need not involve sitting cross legged or shaving ones head. It can simply mean finding some still point within oneself that one can return to when one feels one is going mad. This sensation is a common symptom of living with a crazy woman.
5. Travel independently.
Many traditional societies have rituals and ordeals to mark a mans entry into adulthood- which generally starts at puberty. The Aboriginal Australians have something called a Walkabout. This involves his leaving the tribe to survive on his wits in the wild. This decisively separates him from his mother and teaches him that he has everything he needs within himself. It is the ultimate MGTOW experience.
Some cultures require a man to kill a dangerous beast or undergo religious purification rituals. The effect is the same- to remove him from the world of women and his natural need for their approval.
Modern men try to recreate this experience without quite knowing it. This is one reason many adolescent males go through a crazy period where they may get involved with crime or excessive drinking. A spell in prison has more or less the same effect as any other initiation as it bonds him with men while eradicating the feminine within himself.
Each man must find his own Walkabout. The most constructive is probably backpacking where a man learns to think on his feet and deal with what comes. Once a man has truly learned to separate from women he may return to them later- but not as a boy (the mangina is an approval seeking boy) but as a man.
The MGTOW movement is essentially a group of men who have left their Walkabout far too late. They have been 'Nice Guys' and suffered for it. They did not find their masculine core but they will certainly do so- and many will come to love women once they do.
6. Ignore them.
Let's face it. When you are wrong with a woman there is nothing you can possibly say or do to be right with her. She may accuse you of making her fat, looking at her strangely and being a vampire bat on top of it all. There is no point in arguing. Simply deal with it in a politely bored way and say something neutral such as 'I am sorry you feel that way'. This may be continued indefinitely without being drawn into an argument or becoming upset.
7. Develop a masculine style of intimacy.
Simply reading this heading gives a sense of how creepy this could be. Most men seem to have a grater fear of homosexuality than do women. This means that many men spend their entire lives in fear of crossing some invisible boundary in their lives. This can result in friendships based upon jokingly tearing one another down. This can sometimes extend to a fear of any meaningful conversation- not just personal matters but politics, money, goals, ambitions and relationships- anything beyond this endless AMOG battle.
The art is to discuss real things and express care for other men without any hint of homosexuality.
8. Learn to cook.
Men should know how to cook- and every other wifely art. Male cooking is not about showing off. It is about producing delicious but simple food quickly (steaks and so on).
9. Appreciate the fine thngs of life.
Have one luxury and let no one take it from you. I like cheese.


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