Two weeks rations (the Opportunity Box)

I now have fourteen days food in storage. The cost of the food is modest- no more than twenty pounds in total. The main cost has been the storage space.
Storage space is always at a premium when one is an urban survivalist and I had to buy a food hamper, eat the contents (yum) and then buy some plastic stacking boxes to replace them with. This cost was in the region of two hundred and fifty pounds but I now have a very social kind of survival kit. The boxes and the water may be easily shared with my friends and the whole thing can be moved at a moments notice. Best of all I expect my kit to save me money. I will never again run out of food and have to eat out because I have not had time to shop. I call this hamper my Opportunity Box because it is an opportunity to save money each time I shop. All I need to do is scan the shelves and stock up on any great offers available. When I find a good one I simply add it to my survival kit.
Survivalists are generally an anti social lot but I would prefer to have good friends with me than a bunker full of illegal firearms.
4 Liters of water. This is stored in small portable drinking bottles and is not intended to last me the full two weeks. It is simply a convenience supply in case my home water supply is interrupted for a few hours. If a longer interruption is expected I may fill the plastic boxes (which have an airtight seal) and store another 50 liters in this way.
12 packets of noodles. These are cheap (17p each) and may be used to bulk out manky vegetables and make them more appetising.
12 Cans of baked beans. These are also cheap (20p) and a high energy food and source of protean.
12 Cans of kidney beans, canned tomatoes and peas. These can always be made into basic curry. Almost anything may go into a curry such as your neighbour's dog (joke).
Cheap rice and spaghetti for calories. Matches, candles and a wind up torch.
This kit also protects against unemployment and the coming hard times.
Take care.
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