Put your paperwork on the Cloud

How many bits of paper we own- and how they oppress us!
The first thing I will get rid of are my warranty and sales receipts. When you think about it most of these are quite useless. If an item breaks down is is likely that it will take longer to find a certificate than to fix it. If the item is stolen or lost in a house fire it is likely that the receipts will have been lost as well.
The answer is to ensure that this information is held in multiple locations on the web. Register the item on Immobilise. This not only records the registration and warranty details but passes these on to your insurance company and the police if the items are stolen. Mark your belongings invisibly with an ultra violent pen and mention this on your Immobilise entry. This will secure a conviction if the thief is ever caught.
Secondly, make sure that your purchases are registered with the retailer who sold them to you. This generally occurs automatically if you registered with the website you ordered them from. If you did not do this then you can usually do so retrospectively.
Thirdly, copy all warranty information on to Yahoo Notes or some similar online service. There is little point storing it on your hard disk as computers are often stolen. You may also wish to copy your most vital data on to a memory stick and keep it with your house keys.
Some people like to retain the original documents. This is fine but you no longer have to worry about them because the information is secure.


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