Ryanair DHV routeen

Ryanair is the famously c**p but ultra cheap airline. The most I have ever paid for a ticket with them is just �5- and this includes tax!
How it works.
You are with a woman and are getting on well. You simply say (very casually)
'Hey, I am going to Rome (or wherever) next week- want to come?'
She may raise some practical objection (such as having a job) but you have established the following-
a) That you are spontaneous, fun and full of adventure.
b) You can keep it cool and not go weird and intense when alone with her (red roses, declaration of love and so on).
c) By mentioning Ryanair you make it clear that you are NOT impressing her with money and that she will pay her own ticket!
You may then move on to travelers stories from this point. The more you talk about fun you had WITHOUT her, the more she will want to be with you.
Remember- the DHV is about fun. It is NOT about telling her you are rich.
NB: The picture is a genuine screenshot of the company website. They advise customers to travel naked to speed up boarding times.


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