Thank you. I am much better.
Getting ill is very much like getting in debt. If your basic health is good you feel that you may make more withdrawals than deposits- and then suddenly it all catches up with you.
Men are more willing to become ill than women- just as we are more willing to die than women. I wonder why this is? Men are notorious for not seeing a doctor until they are at deaths door. We also eat more junk than women and carry more weight. The same applies to more sudden causes of death- such as lead bullets. Men often volunteer for military service knowing the risks in advance. Women rarely step into the line of fire deliberately. I know that women can join the army now but they are kept well to the rear and out of harms way. If they ever face danger it is likely to be a career ending mistake on the part of their male commander.
This male willingness to die seems to exist in all cultures. Young men engage in tests of courage while older men die for family honor. It is all very odd.
The only thing we can do is consciously decide not to follow them. Eat as well as you can afford. Get regular sleep and do not engage in needless conflict.


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