The essence of the Cloud

The essence of cloud living is that one owns everything while owning nothing. In this way we may be surrounded by beauty and comfort while never being responsible for its upkeep. This may be done as long as one does not desire exclusive ownership.
Cloud living is the only way to live in an expensive city on a small wage. The backdrop to my life is like that of a movie set and yet my disposable income is almost nothing.
Ownership is always more expensive than we think it is. A car requires more than petrol to keep it running. There are a hundred expensies from tires to depreciation. Furthermore, cars and houses require attention. They never leave us alone and it is nearly always cheaper to rent.
Poverty is power. I will never be sued by a geedy lawyer because I own nothing a lawyer would wish to steal. This is also why I tell woman that I am poor.
By means of Game we may avoid 'owning' women through marrage. This offers the same advantages that other forms of non ownership offer. We do not need to support these women financially and we avoid legal entanglements with them.
I make it my rule to dispose of two items for every one that I buy. This is surprisngly difficult but nobody said freedom would be easy. The biggest enemies we face live within us.


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