The door with the 'Keep Out' sign

There are a number of subjects that most men are simply not supposed to know about. There is no law about it. It is simply not done. This has less to do with feminism than practicality and economics. The subjects are the preserve of people with plenty of time and money. They appear to be economicaly useless at first glance but is this really the case? Could it be that the ruling group simply see value in certan subjects where their subjects cannot? Could it be that our rulers are simply better at working out where value lies? Generally speaking only women can study for pleasure because women do not need to support a family. Occasionally we find a man who has made a great deal of money and who has decided to spend his retirement in university but this is rare.
Whenever I see a door with a 'Keep Out' sign written on it I want to open it and see what is behind. So what are these things that men may never know? Is it worth kicking the door open and making this knowledge free for all?
Art and Art Chicks. (The secret economic life of culture.)
A man can prove that he is rich by taking an interest in art- and a woman can meet rich men by doing the same. In game terms both men and women signal their desirability through art. Men advertise their wealth while women advertise their beauty. Only a beautiful woman can devote herself to art because only beautiful women do not have to worry about making a living. This means that an interest in art signals that a woman is sufficiently sexually attractive to live off others. This only works as long as art is both complicated and expensive. Once art becomes accessible it no longer proves anything and so loses its sexual allure. This is why women generally approach the subject in an indirect way- by obtaining an art degree rather than interacting worth art directly. It is rather like owning a Rolex watch. They carry prestige because not everyone can have one. There are many people who are interested in making money from such idiots but why be one of them?
Like everything else there is a simple and a complex way of doing things. A man is judged by what he achieves in life and he is always busy. He must find a quick and efficient way to appreciate art just as he must be efficient in all other things. Why not start by looking at some paintings? A good place to start if you are in London would be the National Gallery. Entry is free and often includes a very good talk. They also produce a podcast to download (again free).
This not only saves a great deal of money but also means you talk to the real experts and experience everything first hand. It is also easy to fit this in with a busy working life and.. you meet art chicks.
Art Chicks come from wealthy families and are often strikingly beautiful. By studying art they advertise their availability to wealthy men. They will NEVER marry you but they are fun until they find their millionaire.
There is a huge industry in London that aims to turn City traders into gentlemen by means of art. These organizations (auction houses, private galleries and so on) always use elegant and cultured women as their representatives. These women nearly always end up marrying their wealthy customers because they are so good at making the barbarian seem civilised.
Ultimately all such businesses are fraudulent because they are selling the City boy something he already has- an aesthetic sense. Alternatively- if he has no interest in beauty then he has no use for for the art industry either. The result is the same because he does not need them. I am talking about something quite different. I am talking about developing a genuine interest in art which is nothing to do with showing off.
This system breaks down when men take an interest in art for its own sake. Men are increasingly demanding the right to become fully rounded human beings. Until now this has been something that only women could do but this was because men have financially supported women. The Man Going His Own Way will generally not do this and so he is free to develop himself in ways that other men cannot.
The great thing about living in the UK is that artistic pursuits of all kinds are cheap or free. In fact you are far more likely to get something from your art if you approach it without insecurities. Men Going Their Own Way are gentlemen. We know the difference between price and value which is the one thing the private art industry cannot teach the City boy.
Some doors are left unlocked and half open for men. These are doors that lead to apparent but illusory power. The most common of these doors are marked 'hero' and invite men to do all sorts of dramatic things such as run for president but which involve him playing a role in order to do so. In other words the hero is simply an actor speaking lines written by others for purposes he does not understand. On occasion this can be fun (I enjoy saving Damsels as much as the next man) but we must never forget that it is the playwright and not the actor who determines the meaning of the play.


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