The English Survivalist

The biggest problem Survivalism faces in England is that it is.. well.... not polite.
It is really rather rude to threaten the neighbours with a sawn off shotgun simply because food is running low. We would far rather invite them in for a nice cup of tea and a chat- even if the world is ending next Tuesday.
Fortunately England has now come up with its own, very civilised brand of Survivalism based around the the splendidly eccentric Idler Academy. This organisation is dedicated to the art of idleness, libertarianism and anarchism with a traditional aristocratic edge. Who is better to teach us the lost art of chilling out, ignoring central government and refusing to spend a penny more than we need to than an aristocrat? These guys have been doing this for hundreds of years.
The people who run the Idler Academy are not actually aristocrats but they share many of the same interests. They read Latin and study ancient philosophy to while away their idle lives. While not doing these things they publish a magazine (one a year- it is best not to work too hard) and run courses on profiting from gold, living off the land and generally screwing the system. Survivalism in other words.
All of these events take place in a very nice part of London and the wine is always served at the correct temperature. These things are important.


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