The future of Game

How much more can be said about Game? Probably not much. A great deal of complexity is driven by the need to appear clever. The essence of Game is very simple- be high status, be fun, be relaxed.
The only thing missing is the girls. Game will tell you how to talk to all the girls you are not meeting. This is hugely destructive to a man who cannot talk to the women he meets in daily life. How do you think he feels when he is told he needs to dress up like a whack job and hang around night clubs? This brutal environment terrifies me and my social skills are quite good. It must freeze the blood of a beta introvert.
An introvert cannot become more social by humiliating himself. He can only progress through good experiences. Saying 'good morning' and receiving the same back can be progress for some people.
I predict that the future of game is in providing these experiences- small social baby steps where men can meet women without pressure to be anything special. Most of us are not Brad Pitt and quite honestly this does not matter unless we can only date Angelina Jolie.


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