Urban survival kit

This is an urban survival kit designed to fit easily into a briefcase and guard against most problems you may realistically encounter in a city.
1. Phone charger.
2. Post it notes, pens and highlighter.
3. Pound coins (for supermarket trolleys and so on).
4. High powered LED torch. This is useful in the event of a tube blackout.
5. London street map.
6. Dry socks. There is nothing worse than walking in wet socks.
7. Leather driving gloves. These gloves should be worn when giving first aid and at any crime scene. Not wishing to leave your prints at the scene of a crime is in no way suspicious behaviour and saves police time.
8. Toiletry bag to contain the items.
The whole kit cost less than thirty pounds and you may keep it in your glovebox or your work locker.


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