How to cut the power bills

Most of us are paying more for our electricity than we were a year ago. What can we do about it?
The knee jerk reaction is to reduce the wattage of everything. Surely it will save money to have low power appliances?
Not necessarily. Where does all that wasted power go anyway? It is turned into heat. In other words your energy efficient appliance is not energy efficient of you have to heat your house as a result.
Knowing that wasted energy is turned into heat can be quite useful when it comes to finding out why your power bills are so large. Simply go around your home touching everything. If it is warm, it is using power. If it is cold, it is leeching heat from your home. Simple! There is no need to buy an expensive power meter to do this.
My own home is pretty energy efficient and is basically self heating. In other words I rarely have to turn the heating on because my household appliances heat the home for me.
The biggest source of heat is my boiler. I have tried fitting purpose designed jackets but these have not worked well for me as they allow air to circulate beneath. I then had the brainwave of stuffing my closet with all of my winter clothing which not only saves space but makes very good boiler insulation too.
What happens when winter comes and I need to wear my warm clothes? I will unpack my closet and allow the boiler to 'waste' heat by keeping my flat warm.


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